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Gladys and Walter have been making jewelry and selling at Arts and Craft shows and

conventions in the San Antonio, Central and South Texas area since 1992. 


Gladys’ jewelry consists of beaded necklaces, bracelets, watches and earrings. She uses her glass beads, semi-precious stones, Czech glass, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver in her jewelry. Over the years, she has added to her creations pendants and pins from sterling silver with her glass cabochons and/or semi-precious cabochons.

Gladys received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in 1977 from St. Mary’s University and taught at St. Philip’s College for 23½ years until her early retirement in 1999. She was an Art Minor in college and has applied her skills to jewelry making since the early 80s, first as a hobby and for stress relief, later as a business. She has taken classes in Bead Stringing, Glass Bead Making, Wire Wrapping, Precious Metal Clay and Metal Smithing. She took a class with Loren Stump at the Corning Glass School in Corning, N.Y to learn the Francihini-Sytle Face Murrini. She also takes classes in Metal Smithing at the Southwest School of Arts & Crafts here in San Antonio, TX. She is a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and the PMC Guild. She is certified in PMC. As an educator of 23½ years, she now looks forward to teaching what she has learned in jewelry making. 

Publications: Gladys’ glasswork has been published in two books:

1) 1000 Glass Beads, by Kimberley Adams page 285

2) In The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking on page 169. Gladys makes Face Beads and Cabochons


Walter’s jewelry consists of Angel Pins, Badge Holder Pins and Earrings. This year he has been making Sterling Silver Pendants and Pins.

Walter was born in Chicago, but grew up in Germany. He was trained as a tool and die maker in Germany and worked at Kelly AFB until his retirement in the early 90’s. He began making jewelry by helping Gladys while she worked at St. Philip’s College. To date, he has taken Metal Smithing classes at Southwest School of Arts and Crafts and has added Sterling Silver jewelry to his repetoire. He applied his tool and die making skills to the Metal Smith classes he recently took to make Sterling Silver pendants and pins.